Creative portraits make an AMAZING addition to your home!

Did you know that you're not too old to play dress up??

I hear it so often: "WOW, I wish I could do something like that." YOU CAN.

Styled sessions make these ideas come to life and no one is too old! Include hair styling, makeup, handcrafted headpieces, wardrobe*, props and sets for the ultimate experience.

*(still building client wardrobe, please inquire)

Creative Portrait Sessions take a lot of planning and cannot be thrown together last minute, so plan early!

The Process



We're going to talk... a lot. From makeup and wardrobe details to the emotion and story we're telling - the more detail, the better! Each session is different and a completely personalized experience for the client. These sessions are an investment of your time, money, and legacy. We create pieces of artwork that should be properly printed and displayed, which is why I no longer offer digital files of these sessions. You do receive a low res digital file for social media when you purchase the prints. We discuss the ideal images you want in your home so we focus on those at our session instead of wildly snapping pictures for 2 hours.



After we've discussed the details and payment, we'll decide the date and time for the session. The time is important for outdoor sessions because of lighting. I will send you a Client Guide to help you feel more prepared. Plan on spending a few hours with us!



The big day! Don't panic - it's going to be amazing. My stylist will have you feeling magical and ready! To stay stress-free, I recommend scheduling at least half your day with us - it's difficult to focus on being magical when you know you have to rush out in 20 minutes. Images could take up to 4-6 weeks for editing and printing.