Welcome friend, i'm kara

Creative Portraiture in West Michigan

Our lives are precious, and while our memories may get blurrier and weaker with time, we have photos to remind us of all the moments we treasure. Images outlive us all and I want to help you save those moments.

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Located in West Michigan

A few of my features below!

About Me

I'm a 34-year-old wife and mother, and I work full time in addition to photography! I love to unplug and go up north with my family. My favorite things to photograph are Creative portraits, Couples, Maternity, & Seniors. I do photograph other themes, just ask. My favorite color is purple!

Creating relationships with my clients has added so much warmth and love to my life, and my photography family just continues to grow!

I am forever grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to keep your memories alive.

Halloween selfie with cat

A self-portrait with our cat, Tucker. I was taking pictures for Halloween, and he was curious about the light.

Creating because I need too.

Editorial & Fine Art Photography

My belief is that your story is worth telling.

My work has rich colors and deep shadows. I prefer drama and movement over subtlety. I think family photos that have giant, genuine smiles on the kids' faces as they run towards the camera are the best. I'm good at getting those in between moments - like the way he looks at her when she adjusts her hair.

I love creating for my sessions, like props, headpieces, wardrobe, special FX etc. and then continuing the magic in Photoshop. I put my whole heart into my work.

"No one is you, and that is your biggest power."

Dave Grohl